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Saturday, 8 September 2012

More bricks..

More bricks have been delivered last week as we where about 1000 short. Hoping to see it finally completed this week. The balcony is coming along really nicely.

The brickwork has been completed and it looks better than we imagined. Its so nice and big...perfect for relaxing on breazy summer nights while the kids are asleep ;)

We went past the display homes again today and we confirmed that our design is exactly what we wanted. Its hard to build something you have never seen and hope to have made the right choices but we confirmed it today. Its not too big and not small. We never wanted a house that we would have to spend too much time cleaning... its just perfect in size and we still 3 lounge rooms study and 4 bedrooms...more than enough!!

We have been trying to get ideas on lounges but its so hard unless you actually see the space and imagine where everything will be. Considering it takes 3 months to order most leather lounges, it looks like we might be sitting on the floor for a while. Oh well.. its all good. Just wish we could move in tomorrow!!
We have great plans for the landscaping too... cant wait to plant some veggies and get the birds and guinea pigs, rabbits and maybe chooks ( if hubby lets me) all settled in.

Anyhow here is a progress pick. The balcony will be bagged...thats why there is a different coloured brick..