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Thursday, 15 November 2012

I can smell something cooking??

To our delight we now have a garage door and our kitchen has been delivered!!..this means we are no longer able to walk through the house but can still peep through the windows..sorry about the bad quality shots...

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tiling tiling and more tiling

So we have had some great progress in the last two weeks..staircase architraves base coat paint waterproofing have all been done. Most doors and our front door are in too. The tilet has been working hard too. We boughttwo louges from plush the other day aswell. One a light colour for upstairss and a dark greyish one for downstairs. Hubby really wanted a ligher coloured one for downstairs too but with two children under 5 i fidnt want to be stressing about a couch. Hope it looks ok with the taupe coloured tiles. Photos to come.....

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What a week!!

Well this week has seen some really good progress so far. The skylights were installed insulation done roof completed electricals done balcony floor put in and gyprock delivered. Hoping to have some walls tomorrow!!

Monday, 8 October 2012


Sadly... nothing to report from last week. Just a site clean from what i can see....hopefully some progress this week.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

More bricks..

More bricks have been delivered last week as we where about 1000 short. Hoping to see it finally completed this week. The balcony is coming along really nicely.

The brickwork has been completed and it looks better than we imagined. Its so nice and big...perfect for relaxing on breazy summer nights while the kids are asleep ;)

We went past the display homes again today and we confirmed that our design is exactly what we wanted. Its hard to build something you have never seen and hope to have made the right choices but we confirmed it today. Its not too big and not small. We never wanted a house that we would have to spend too much time cleaning... its just perfect in size and we still 3 lounge rooms study and 4 bedrooms...more than enough!!

We have been trying to get ideas on lounges but its so hard unless you actually see the space and imagine where everything will be. Considering it takes 3 months to order most leather lounges, it looks like we might be sitting on the floor for a while. Oh well.. its all good. Just wish we could move in tomorrow!!
We have great plans for the landscaping too... cant wait to plant some veggies and get the birds and guinea pigs, rabbits and maybe chooks ( if hubby lets me) all settled in.

Anyhow here is a progress pick. The balcony will be bagged...thats why there is a different coloured brick..

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Yes I have been abit slack wth my updates but we have bricks!!! They started two weeks ago but we have had no progress now for a week. The scaffolding has been done and our commons have been delivered too. Hoping to see some more work soon!! Pics to come...

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Second Storey Up!!

We couldn't believe our eyes when we drove past the house this week and saw the second storey frames done! Also all the windows have been put in. We are very happy with the house and cant wait for more to be done.
Plumbing was done today and hopefully the brickies will be in on Monday. Can't wait to see more!!!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Weve been framed

Drove past on Monday to see our first floor frame up... our windows and doors have been delivered aswell. Nothing else since Monday but hoping to see more progress soon. We did a walk through to see how everything feels and looks and we where pleased. Im glad I decided on the double doors in the study and we have a lovely big window in there. The lounge dining and alfresco is a nice size too. Heres to seeing more.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Slab Photos

So our frames are getting delivered on Monday....hip hip hooray.
We went past the house today and had a closer look at the slab and imagined where everything would be.
Its funny how when you are out the front of the house you think that the slab is tiny..but once you take a closer look its huge!!
Our slab sits really high too...due to the class of soil we had to get a H class slab??
I cant believe how much grass we will have. Our previous backyard was just concrete so the kids have never played in our backyard.

Anyway enough of me here are some pictures:

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Weve been slabbed

Drove past on Tuesday to discover we now have a exciting to see progress. Next should be the external plumbing and then the frame starts...Photos to come.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Yipee Piers

Well finally, thanks to some good weather we had our piers done on Wednesday. It was so exciting to see machines on our block!!! Our daughter had a ball watching the concrete being poured. She was more excited than we where.
It was nice to see some work getting done on Saturday morning too. Our soil for the landscaping got delivered too, and there was a mini excavator clearing the site.
Looking forward to seeing a slab now... hoping the good weather stays :)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rain rain go away!!

So we where hoping to see some piering but looks like the rain has delayed us. With more rain forecast and the site needing to dry up before they can get machines there to pier it looks like we are in for abit of a wait.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Site Levelled

So the site was levelled (is that the term) on Monday. I think next comes the piering. The team at Fairmont Homes NSW have been so great. We have changed our mind on so many things but nothing has ever been trouble for them. Can't wait to see some more progress. Meanwhile we have been stuck at home as we have all come down with the flu. Given us time to think of how we are going to furnish this new place!!!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Shopping for Lights

We decided to take the time we had while we are waiting for the Construction Certificate to do some light shopping. Below are the lights we have chosen:

3 of these for the kitchen as a feature above the kitchen bench:

Feature light for the front columns:
Sensor lights for the side of the home:
Bunker light front door entrance:

Hope you like them :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nearly There

Waiting on the Construction Certificate and then we are ready to go... Im really hoping next week we will see some work done. Currently finalising electricals.. who knew a house needs so many lights!!!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tiles Tiles and more Tiles

Today we went looking for tiles...again. This is the third time we have changed our mind. We wanted a tile called Peridot from RAK Gem Collection.

The builder allows for glue down tiles only, but these are large tiles, so its more than likely that we will need to pay extra for bedding. The tiles are pricey too but we just keep going back to them, so I figured its one expense we can't avoid. There is nothing worse than looking at tiles you dont like.

Ive tried to find a picture..but its hard. Here is one I found but they are alot nicer than this. Our builder used these in their display home and we absolutely adore them.
Fairmont have kindly put a temp fence up for us earlier than expected as our demo people took theirs away early.

We are eagerly waiting to see the Fairmont Homes NSW sign on the fence..hopefully Monday.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

A downer in all the excitement :(

We woke up to a phone call from our neighbour directly behind us to say that something was smoking in our backyard near our garage. Hubby hurried over to the property to see a large patch of acid had been thrown on our jacaranda. We have our suspicions of who it was but I guess this isnt the place to talk about it or make accusations.
Just really can't believe there are people out there that want to hurt other people or a beautifull innocent tree. It wasnt even that big... I had just planted it as a seedling a couple of years ago so I really can't see how it bothered this particular person. Oh well. Ive given up trying to figure out some people. I feel sorry for them.

On a good note the roof has come off and the windows. We managed to sell the blackwood kitchen and a few other bits and pieces. The demolisher says the house will be demolished and the block ready by next Friday.

Im hoping to post some photos hubby took of our house which is now just a shell. Have to find some time between nappies and bottles.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Demolition starting early

Demolition is starting earlier than expected. Monday the 12th March it is all happening. We are having a pre demolition sale tomorrow so hopefully we get some money from our stuff. We only completely renovated the whole house 5 years ago, so there is some good quality stuff in there. We just couldnt deal with the moisture issue any longer and thats why the house had to go.. Anyhow, we are sure we made the right decision and cant wait to see it all happen.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Plans approved countdown is on!!!

So its been a while since I have been on... I promise to try and be a more frequent blogger lol...

Our plans where approved a few weeks ago and we have been running about with two little ones trying to pick carpets, blinds tiles etc...its been hectic.
Our demolition is sheduled for the 15th March 2012..arghhh not too long to go now.

We are in a mad hurry to pack, remove a few valuables such as double glazed windows from our current house and try and fit our sons first birthday party in between all that!!! Promise to add some more pics soon!!!