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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Finalising Tender

We are really excited about seeing our final tender and plans on Tuesday. From there it should be another 2-3 weeks before we sign on the dotted line with Fairmont. We still need to organise someone for the demolition and tree removal. We have received a couple of quotes but havent decided as yet.


  1. Hey there.... see that you building with Fairmont as well... What house are you building and what area? We are building a modified St Thomas 30

  2. Hi...we are building a modified version of the Kingston 33 in the Hurstville Council area. We have a narrow block so we had to make a few mods. Can't wait to start! Fairmont have been very patient and great to deal with. We where originally going to do an extension on our home but for just abit more we are building a whole new house with none of the old house problems!!!