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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tiles Tiles and more Tiles

Today we went looking for tiles...again. This is the third time we have changed our mind. We wanted a tile called Peridot from RAK Gem Collection.

The builder allows for glue down tiles only, but these are large tiles, so its more than likely that we will need to pay extra for bedding. The tiles are pricey too but we just keep going back to them, so I figured its one expense we can't avoid. There is nothing worse than looking at tiles you dont like.

Ive tried to find a picture..but its hard. Here is one I found but they are alot nicer than this. Our builder used these in their display home and we absolutely adore them.
Fairmont have kindly put a temp fence up for us earlier than expected as our demo people took theirs away early.

We are eagerly waiting to see the Fairmont Homes NSW sign on the fence..hopefully Monday.


  1. When making our selections, Mick and I have asked two questions... How difficult/expensive would it be to change later and, can we live with the compromise? The answer is usually, "very" and "yes, but it will bug us forever." So, we've made a lot of upgrades! But sometimes it's worth it for the extra outlay at the start. The trick is knowing when it is and when it's not. Tiles are very important to adding to the look and feel of your home. You should choose something that will make you happy :)

  2. Hey Pandorash, we have gone with your advise and upgraded the tiles to what we like. Extra expense but the last thing i want is looking at tiles I dont like.
    Thanks for the advise :)

  3. The tile design you've chosen is simple, but it can definitely complement any theme you go with your home – after all, grey is a neutral shade. The only concern here is keeping it clean. Stains will obviously be visible on that, which will need immediate cleaning compared to other tile colors. Nevertheless, I feel glad that you love this choice. You just have to be extra careful not to get stains on it. :)

    Alana Geikie