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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tiling tiling and more tiling

So we have had some great progress in the last two weeks..staircase architraves base coat paint waterproofing have all been done. Most doors and our front door are in too. The tilet has been working hard too. We boughttwo louges from plush the other day aswell. One a light colour for upstairss and a dark greyish one for downstairs. Hubby really wanted a ligher coloured one for downstairs too but with two children under 5 i fidnt want to be stressing about a couch. Hope it looks ok with the taupe coloured tiles. Photos to come.....


  1. Wow they're doing well, your house has progressed faster than ours! Can't wait for the pics!!

  2. It was really slow going for a while but things have really sped up lately. I can see the finish line.